WorkSaver(sm) Employee Functional Testing Services

WorkSaver(sm) is a proven, highly effective ADA- and EEOC-compliant functional testing system for defensive hiring and return to work cases. Used successfully nation-wide since 1993 by small and large companies, the WorkSaver(sm)System offers:

  • Post-offer, Preplacement functional testing for new hires.
  • Fit-for-Duty Functional Testing of incumbent employees for return to work assessments following injury, illness, or prolonged absence.
  • Fit-for-Duty Functional Testing of incumbent employees when there is a specific concern for job safety based on a non-work related medical condition or a change in health or fitness as per EEOC guidelines,
  • Fit-for-Duty Functional Testing of incumbent employees across the board in a specific job classification (job title) at interval time periods based on business necessity.

Interactive Accommodation Review Policies and Procedures

No one in the nation has more expertise in the area of job-specific functional testing or has a better proven record of effectiveness than the WorkSaver(sm) team at WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, LLC.

WorkSaver validates job physical demands, develops detailed functional job descriptions and designs job-specific functional testing protocols. It is a turn-key operation that includes the provision of assistance in interactive accommodation reviews, policies and procedures, quality assurance reviews, HIPAA compliant electronic report retrieval systems, annual testing outcome reports, and 24/7 administrative support.

WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems’ Philosophies:

  • Properly matching employees to job demands is critical for the safety of employees and job productivity.
  • Providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities is legally required and improves safety for the work force and job productivity.
  • Identifying and measuring pre-existing impairments provides pre-injury baselines that permit more realistic rehabilitation goals for return to work.

Many of our clients have experienced greater than 68% reduction of on-the-job injuries after using WorkSaver(sm) process with return on investments (ROI) in this program independently verified as high as 18:1! Saving one back, neck, shoulder or carpal tunnel injury will pay for years of WorkSaver(sm) functional testing. We have the references and statistics to substantiate our claims.

Let WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems help your company experience similar results that will result in higher retention rates, better job productivity, less injuries, less WC costs, less costly litigation, and higher profitability.

Call WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems today for a complete and concise proposal on how we can start this highly effective process for you.

For employers, WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems offers nation-wide ADA and EEOC compliant job-specific functional testing (WorkSaver(sm) System) for new hires and return to work cases that has a proven record of being highly successful for reducing injuries and improving work productivity. Click here for more information.

We also provide provide a variety of other valuable programs including:

  • Field ergonomics seminars.
  • Office ergonomics seminars
  • Award Winning Motivational Injury Prevention & Wellness seminars

WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, LLC was founded by Dr. Richard Bunch, current CEO and owner. WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems’ administrative offices and physical therapy clinics are located in New Orleans and Houma, Louisiana.

WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, LLC

WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, LLC is a Louisiana-based corporation that specializes in:

  • Employee functional testing (i.e., new hires and return to work fit-for-duty),
  • Ergonomics consulting, training, and research,
  • Wellness education,
  • Job demand validations and development of functional job descriptions,
  • ADA accommodations consulting,
  • Advanced physical therapy services.

Our Service Offerings to Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists

  • Physical therapists – successful matriculation through our WorkSaver(sm) Program offers the opportunity to become a Certified WorkSaver(sm) Functional Evaluator. Click here to learn more.
  • Physical therapists completing the program will become part of our expanding, nation-wide WorkSaver(sm)Affiliate Physical Therapy Clinics. Click here for more information.

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